Monday, February 15, 2010

Never Pray For Change

What a prophetic title, for about half of the last book I'd been praying for just that.

At last it was a joy to go back to Iest. A full chapter and it's packed full of interesting plot points and advances the story masterfully. This is how a new book should begin.

I'm still not sure if Gerhard was on board yet, but the backgrounds were far more detailed, in fact they were often more detailed than the characters. It begins with Weisshaupt and Powers discussing Powers unusual choice of Cerebus as the Pontiff. Not sure if it's coincidental, but the black bird with the white wingtips reappears overhead. Weisshaupt keeps pointing out reasons why Cerebus is unsuitable as the Pontiff with Powers using the same reasons to rebuff Weisshaupt and pointing out that they also make him unsuited as Prime Minister. The interesting thing is that both men seem to believe they can control the aardvark.

They are interrupted by the appearance of an enraged Henrot Gutch armed with a spike studded club, she believes her affections have been spurned by Blakely (who could blame him?) and she's out for blood. Blakely falls from a tree and races off with Cerebus' mother in law swiping at him with her club.

Powers remarks that she must be a Kevillist, Weisshaupt disagrees, Kevillists are far more devious, Cirinists are the ones who go in for blunt force trauma. Weisshaupt detests all forms of organised religion, but this makes it obvious that he feels he can deal better with the Tarimists than either of the matriarchal doctrines. Weisshaupt gives in and the two men make arrangements to inform Cerebus of his new position.

Sophia thinks it's marevlous news, Cerebus is still uncertain. Henrot reappears and she and Cerebus are immediately at one anothers throats, with Sophia trying to referee the whole mess, until Weisshaupt's arrival breaks it up. Now that Cerebus knows Weisshaupt no longer has any hold on him he dismisses the man summarily, angering him intensely.

We are then introduced to the remarkably cowardly Archbishop Posey. Cerebus sets the tone very early by terrifying Posey and telling him that he is no longer meeting with anyone and if Powers wants to use Posey to push the point Cerebus will send him back in pieces.

Cerebus then takes control at home telling Sophia and his detestable mother in law to order a carriage, pack their things and SHUT UP! Even Henrot gets spooked and does as told.

In the hall of the Regency, dressed in his robes Cerebus orders the rain to stop. Predictably it doesn't, but I doubt that will prevent Cerebus from trying to convince everyone from Powers down that he can do just this. After all he was appointed because of a miracle.

This is where the Church part of Church & State began.

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