Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm not really a Winter Olympics fan, to tell the truth I don't know that many Australians are really. Overall the country isn't set up for it. There's only about 3 states you can ski in effectively, the season is quite short and it's expensive for most people.

However I was home today with some time to kill and apparently a girl called Torah Bright was a good chance of winning the Halfpipe on a snowboard. I got sucked into watching it.

The Aussie crashed out badly in her first run, but fortunately so did most of her competition. With everything hinging on one run and having to go first because of her disappointing first run, Torah put everything into her final run and executed it flawlessly. The judges agreed (let's face it I'm going to be somewhat biased) and scored her high. After watching everyone else compete and biting my nails as the other girls either fell or completed their runs, Torah came out smiling and was crowned Australia's newest Winter Olympics gold medallist.

Well done Torah!

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  1. Squee!! Fangirly squeal about an Aussie winning gold!!!

    Annonymouse sitting on the couch