Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day Of Greatness Age Of Consent

Either Henrot couldn't find Boobah or he managed to outrun her, because he's right there on the first page of this chapter. He is now acting as Cerebus' scribe. Cerebus, or as he now prefers to be known; Most Holy, seems to be believing that he is some sort of God and has Boobah writing down all his conversations in case he says something profound. Another character from the past also returns; Bran Mak Mufin, or as he is commonly referred to in Boobah's scribblings: Muffins.

Cerebus asks why he shouldn't condemn Bran to a horrible death for failing to bring an army to Cerebus aid and causing him to lose the Prime Ministership. Bran explains that another of the tribesmen; Fret Mac Murry (I had to laugh out loud at that, wonder if Dave had been watching 'My Three Sons' reruns) convinced them in Bran's absence that the aardvark was in fact a false Cerebus (another laugh out loud moment). It's rather hard to satisfyingly condemn Bran to death, because he so happily accepts anything that Cerebus says.

It seems Sophia, now often referred to as Mrs Most Holy (he just kept making me laugh in this one, that's right up there with Mrs Ari from Entourage), has gone back to her usual wardrobe of chainmail bikini and she and Cerebus are having marital difficulties. I'm actually glad she stopped being a doormat.

Believing that for Most Holy's thoughts to flow properly requires aloneness, Cerebus and Boobah (Boobah doesn't count as a person) climb to the roof of the hotel, but it rains and this disturbs Most Holy, and also makes him realise that whatever he thinks, and whatever the people who congregate outside the hotel daily think, he is NOT a God.

Another face from the past reappears: Astoria. The former powerbroker is discussing Cerebus' increasing power with the Cirinist mother superior of Good Abbey. I presume that this settles once and for all the matter of Astoria's religious affiliation. No matter what Theresa may think Astoria is most definitely allied to the Cirinists, not the Kevillists. The two ladies are forced to come to an agreement that Cerebus is out of control and there's nothing either of them can do about it.

Weisshaupt brings the Vice President of the Bank of Iest to heel by going over his head to the President, and then having the President thrown out the window as a demonstration of power and conflict resolution Weisshaupt style. I wonder if he learned a few things from his former Prime Minister, because that has often been Cerebus' approach to a problem.

Cerebus...sorry Most Holy takes to the rooftops, or rather a chimney pot, to squeeze more gold out of the Iestans before Tarim brings the world to an end in 10 days time. The series of panels with Cerebus standing on the chimney, haranguing the crowd, gesticulating and shouting, with the wind whipping his papal robes and stole every which way are true works of art. We get the words of the speech below from Boobah, but you almost don't need them, the drawings tell the full story.

Someone, somewhere is forging Cerebus' letters. Bran finds 4 different transcripts from 4 different locations in Iest, but all 4 are in Most Holy's handwriting. This convinces Cerebus that Bran is rather useful to have around.

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