Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ignore It It's Just Another Reality

So Most Holy has a row of cannons pointed at his head and a crazy man has control of them. he also has a really bad cold. It's going to take more than cunning to get out of this one. Cerebus is going to need a large slice of luck.

The second page is one of those gross, but brilliant sight gags that Dave did so well. Cerebus puts on his papal robes, and while they're over his head he sneezes thunderously, soaking himself and his robes with aardvark snot.

Weisshaupt's first mistake is to send underlings to demand the gold. Boobah delivers them a message from Most Holy that promises them eternal torment in the afterlife if they go ahead with their orders. This causes them both to commit suicide by jumping from the roof of the hotel, because Cerebus has promised them an easier time of it after they die if they do the
'honourable' thing. The crowd love it. This is right up there with baby throwing and kicking old men off the roof.

This causes Weisshaupt to scream at his sergeant to light the fuses and raze Cerebus' hotel to the ground. Terrified, the sergeant makes no move, and Weisshaupt has a coronary and collapses. The crowd love that even more. While Weisshaupt may have been a benevolent dictator, he was still a dictator. Cerebus on the other hand is Most Holy, he has a direct line to Tarim.

Cerebus decides to go back up to the roof to address the crowd. Partway up the stairway is plunged into darkness relieved only by that strange glowing light. In an effort to get rid of it, Cerebus hits the light. He immediately lights up as if he was given an electric shock. He sneezes and a stream of fire shoots out of his nostrils. The first thought is that he can now wreak horrible revenge on his mother in law. Unfortunately all that happens is Cerebus sneezes on Henrot and she batters his head with her ever present walking stick.

Then Cerebus hears a voice in his head. It's The Elf! Woohoo! I was right! She finds it hard to talk to him all the way from The Regency and directs him how to find The Regency from his hotel.

She's baaaack!

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