Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another Thing Coming

Dave played one of his many artistic tricks with the title, it spans three pages. The drawings and the text on those pages show Cerebus addressing the ever growing throng that congregate outside the hotel to hear him speak and see him maybe throw another baby. No babies this time, but he does kick an old man off the top of the hotel with the message that one less mouth to feed is one less mouth to feed, and this presumably allows you to get more gold to give to Most Holy.

Powers and Weisshaupt watch these displays and the growing devotion to Cerebus with ever increasing urgency. Powers is largely helpless, being hamstrung by his own churches leadership based in distant Serrea. Weisshaupt is less so. Cerebus is now wealthier than him, far wealthier. He's damn mad and not going to take it anymore!

Cerebus has contracted a dreadful head cold and can barely move. He also talks amusingly with a blocked nose. Playing the concerned wife Sophia has him put to bed, she unwisely leaves him alone with her mother while she goes to make him some tea. Henrot takes her frustration out on Cerebus, who is helpless in his weakened state.

While Cerebus endures a feverish, restless night, the crowd wait outside. Having tried to sleep through my fair share of head colds I could entirely sympathise with the aardvark.

Posey comes to see Cerebus while Sophia is ministering to him, and when the stauesque warrior woman remarks that she thought Posey was a mouse, it makes perfect sense. Sophia is larger than most men, but with Posey it's strangely exaggerated. Weisshaupt wants to speak to Cerebus, he's on the roof directly across from the hotel's window. Cerebus hauls himself out of bed and goes to the window. Weisshaupt demands Cerebus' gold, Cerebus tells him that he's 'duts' until Weisshaupt reveals the line of cannons he has arrayed across the rooftop.

The title of the next issue, promoted as: DEXT: na shid hids da fad *SNIFF* really makes you want to continue. The pace since the new book started has been breakneck.

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