Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Anything Done For The First Time Unleashes A Demon

Catchy title, eh? It doesn't exactly trip off the tongue, but it sure is cool.

Upon being informed that Cerebus has no interest in meeting with him, Powers flys into a predictable rage. Things do not improve when he is informed that Cerebus has moved his family to a hotel on Iest's East Wall and has a number of mercenaries serving as his personal guard. The terrified Posey is sent back to Cerebus to bring him to a meeting with Powers.

Posey reminds me of a rabbit given human form, except without the procreation fixation.

Henrot is not happy about living in, what she believes is, substandard accomodation. Sophia seems to take it in her stride. Given the number of heavily armed mercenaries stationed outside their door there is not a lot either of them can do about the situation, although I would have given decent odds on the original Red Sophia character on getting out alive.

I believe this is the first time we meet Bear. Bear is a big, heavily bearded, none too bright mercenary fond of saying: 'whatyacallit'. Posey has to rely on Bear admitting him to see Cerebus. The aardvark himself is gambling with another old time mercenary pal; Boobah. Boobah is a tall, blonde character with a paunch. Boobah always reminded me of Dave, yet Dave said the character was based on someone whose stag party he attended. Because Cerebus is Most Holy he is infallible and therefore cannot be beaten at cards even if Boobah has the winning hand. This is something Boobah tends to forget. He's extremely dim witted and only thinks of food and drink.

Cerebus composes an insulting letter to Powers and then has Posey sign it. It was either that or be killed. Posey doesn't actually work for anyone. He just does his best to keep himself alive and that usually means pleasing someone regardless of personal feelings.

Under duress from Cerebus it is Posey who initially comes up with the idea for Cerebus to address the crowd outside and convince them that they will be tortured for all eternity if they don't give him all their money. Posey doesn't say it in those words, but that's what Cerebus comes up with from Posey's words.

This is the scene of one of Cerebus' famous Papal addresses. According to Cerebus Tarim loves the rich and the strong and the poor and weak will go into the afterlife that way unless they give all their money (gold, no jewellry or paper stuff) to Cerebus for a good word with Tarim. He sends them back to their empty, worthless lives and you just know that now he's not only upset Powers, but Weisshaupt as well.

Cerebus is never so good as when he's being really bad.

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