Friday, March 12, 2010

TBR Pile

Most fantophiles have a TBR (to be read) pile, actually most keen readers have one of these. I was making some headway with mine. I had it down to under 10, I even had a schedule worked out. I’m rereading George MacDonald Fraser’s marvellous Flashman series (it’s historical fiction, which is what I tend to flirt with most when I’m not reading fantasy), so I’d read a Flashman and then whatever happened to be laying around that I hadn’t yet gotten around to reading.
So what went wrong? I’m still trying to figure that out. All of a sudden it just went crazy!
Like I said it was under 10, now it’s jumped to over 20. A couple of things contributed to it. I have 2 Flashmans to go, so it’s not Harry’s fault. One was my self set challenge of trying to read everything recommended in 100 Must-Read Fantasy Novels, (already started that, expect my take on Watership Down soon) and the other was that come March publishers started putting out things I wanted to read.
I think I’m going to have to tackle the ever growing pile this way: read one of the challenge novels and then something not on the list, there will be no rhyme or reason to that I’ll just pick out whatever happens to be on top of the pile (it is an actual pile, it sits in a corner of the lounge room) or possibly if I’m in a specific mood or I’ve got something I’m really dying to read I’ll delve a little deeper. How is your TBR pile going? Growing or shrinking. What’s in it? How do you work out what you’re going to read next?

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  1. And mine is currently spread over 4 rooms in the house (libraby, kitchen, spare bedroom & my retreat). And that's about 40 books-worth (I think, i've momentarily lost track *laugh*)
    And oe of the problems is that i also re-read old favourites, which push down the new books in he pile

    Annony-mouse on the coach