Thursday, March 18, 2010

Missing It For The World

Cerebus is tramping through the snow, trying to get back to the upper city and he comes across a tall, outlandishly dressed man sitting by a broken down cart with a half empty bottle cradled in his hands.

When this character hears Cerebus' name his reaction is priceless: 'A Powp! Fancy tha!'
This is of course Prince Mick, we know him as Mick Jagger, he's travelling with his brother Prince Keef, who is better known as the other half of the Glimmer Twins; Keith (or as Dave likes to call him Keef) Richards.

Mick offers Cerebus the rest of his bottle of 150 proof T'Capmin whiskey, which Cerebus downs quickly before finding out that it is the brother's special blend, half whiskey, half codeine. So Cerebus is not only drunk, he's also high as a kite.

Mick and Keef were due to marry some large buttocked girls, who they later named the Buttock Sisters, whether or not this was really their name was never made clear. The brothers are trying to escape and Mick is burdened by the fact that if his brother is not permanently drugged to the eyeballs he wanders off in search of more narcotics.

Cerebus has a rather extreme reaction to the drugged alcohol and believes that bits of his body, most amusingly his nose, are coming loose and floating away.

The drug has the effect of making Cerebus 'love' everyone and he offers to give Mick ALL of his gold if he can just depose Thrunk and get to it.

Keef has wandered off in search of drugs and meets Elrod, wearing an enormous cockroach suit.

Dave adored the Rolling Stones, or more specifically Keith Richards. He once told the story about how he went to a Clapton concert and at the end Richards came on unnannounced to jam with Clapton. Dave's friend said that he jumped at least 3 feet in the air and started screaming 'Keef! Keef!' hysterically.

He nailed the Glimmer Twins in this chapter. It was the two of them in their prime, he had the clothes and the accent down and they acted the way everybody imagined they would from their public persona.

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