Friday, January 1, 2010


This is the last of the character chapters and it curiously focusses on someone who is at best a fringe character; the Astoriaesque protege Theresa. I say Astoriaesque, because Theresa is in every way like a younger Astoria. It's no surprise as the girl obviously modelled herself on her mentor.

Like Astoria in an earlier chapter outward looks bely inward feelings. She looks perfect, but she is chain smoking and obviously under pressure.

The background is non existent. For the 5 pages of this chapter we see only the two characters in it; Theresa and Weisshaupt, never together only singly, they needn't even be in the same room as they are drawn separately. Objects such as a vase are also drawn singly, only a line to suggest that the object is not supported on thin air.

Theresa is recounting the story of how she was taken in by a high ranking official in government and eventually installed as this man's mistress. The name is never mentioned, but I kept getting the feeling she meant Lord Julius, could she have been another of his 'nieces'. Whoever she was actually talking about it was obviously an attempt to tear down one of Weisshaupt's political opponents in order to gain favour with the master bureaucrat. In the final page of the chapter, she leaves him her card and bids him a'dieu. Interestingly enough Theresa does pepper her language with French expressions. I wonder in which part of New Sepra they speak French?

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