Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cerebus Was

Dave kind of outdid himself when it came to short chapters in this one. It's one page. One single drawing and about half a page of writing. It doesn't even have a proper heading. Cerebus was are the first 2 words in Cerebus' newest entry in his memoirs.

In the writing the aardvark seems to be musing about what makes people like Astoria and Weisshaupt powerful. In both cases people always assume that Cerebus takes his orders from the two, it actually doesn't matter to Cerebus that it's true, it just annoys him that people assume this and he can't understand how they do it.

It also illustrates just how little Cerebus really understands when it comes to being a statesman, put him in front of an army, tell him to lead them to victory and he'll do it. That's what he's equipped for, not wheeling and dealing in politics. Conversely change positions and Weisshaupt would fail miserably as a military commander, he just doesn't have what it takes to do that.

I have to admit that the half page drawing that accompanies the words is very well done and one of the more amusing I've seen. Cerebus, in his white shirt sleeves and pants, stretched out in a hammock, curled 17th century style wig perched on his head, perpetual scowl on his face, madly scribbling in his immense book.

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