Friday, January 15, 2010

Something Cerebus Was

Yes, I'm still slogging my way though these bloody short, disjointed chapters!

This one follows directly on from the previous one (yet another thing that makes me wonder why they had to be split into separate chapters) with Cerebus still writing his memoirs. I'm not sure how many pages this book will eventually end up being, because nearly every page the aardvark writes he crumples up and throws out. This time he admits that he needed people like Astoria around, because otherwise he wouldn't have known what he was doing.

After crumpling up a few more pages he tried to make a list how to stop Weisshaupt. He keeps changing his mind and crossing things out and adding new ones. Finally he crosses it all out, tosses the book on the ground and lays in his hammock brooding.

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