Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mrs Tynsdale-Clyde's tea

The return of Iest's most impressively chested society matron. It's another one pager and hails back to Cerebus's first meeting with the woman and the embarassment that was incurred when his confined tail burst free of his tight trousers.

Mrs Tynsdale-Clyde is having two guests to afternoon tea, an old buttoned down couple. She's whispering/gossiping to them and they lean in close. The 2nd panel shows her holding her hands about 2 feet apart to indicate size, much the same way a boasting fisherman does when talking about the 'one that got away'. The society couple look stunned and gasp in unison. There's little doubt as to what is being discussed.

It was a funny joke when it happened, but as to why it was revisited and given a chapter of it's own I do not know. Dave generally timed his jokes well, but he did occasionally beat one to death.

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