Monday, October 8, 2012

Changeling by Yasmine Galenorn

After reading the excerpt of Changeling in the back of the first of Yasmine Galenorn’s Otherworld books (Witchling) was rather intrigued to read the whole book. The series is largely about the D’Artigo sisters, 3 half fae girls from Otherworld who work Earthside for the fae/human organisation OIA. All of the sisters have specific qualities that make them valuable assets for OIA. The oldest girl Camille, is a witch. The youngest; Menolly, is a vampire and middle sister Delilah can change into a cat. The first book was told from Camille’s point of view and interestingly Galenorn decided to change that for the sequel and use Delilah as the narrator.

I haven’t actually seen a writer do this before, and it interested me to see how differently it would read with a new narrator and an alternative point of view. I have to report that I prefer Delilah as a narrator to Camille. I found Camille a little dry at times, but Delilah’s a delight and has a lighter touch. Although it’s nor imperative to have read Witchling to enjoy Changeling, it does help, because Delilah assumes knowledge of the reader from the first book without totally explaining everything.

This time around Delilah is approached by the attractive representative of a were puma clan in her capacity as a PI and a were to find out who or what is picking off members of his tribe. A little investigation points to the Hunter Moon Clan; a tribe of were spiders, as the culprits, but they’re in league with a dangerous Otherworld faction who are actively involved with trying to destablise the Otherworld political scene, plunging Otherworld into a war and causing ructions that if they spill Earthside could be catastrophic for all involved.

The D’Artigo girls, along with their own talents, can call on some more than useful allies; Delilah’s boyfriend the dashing and determined OIA FBH (full blooded human) Chase, Camille’s dual love interests; the Svartan Trillian and the kitsune Morio, as well as the sisters’ friend Smoky the dragon. It’s a wild and fun ride. Full of action, thrills, laughs and s. Be warned the Otherworld books are labelled as paranormal romance, but they’re definitely urban fantasy. There is some romance and sex, but it’s part of the story, not the driver.

I tended to prefer Delilah’s narration, her stuff as a cat is priceless, and from my brief observations of cat behaviour, very accurate. The dynamics and interaction between the siblings also seemed very real and was interesting to read, it added depth to the story. I also have to mention the inclusion of the orphaned gargoyle baby that Camille rescued in Witchling; Maggie. She was a part of the story and not just forgotten about or aged up quickly to make her easier to write. She behaves just like a baby would be expected to, although I think she’s going to turn out to be far more powerful and important than any of the girls imagine. The girl’s home help and surrogate ‘aunt’; the Finnish house sprite Iris, played a larger part in Changeling than in Witchling and this was a good move on the author’s part, because I really took to Iris, and I don’t think I’m alone in that.

Very much looking forward to Darkling which will be narrated by Menolly, the sister as yet that we know the least about.

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