Friday, October 22, 2010


I thought I'd try doing a weekly round up of things I found of interest around the place, so welcome to this my first Thank God It's Friday post.

Pat St Denis from Pat's Fantasy Hotlist has given author Peter V. Brett (The Warded Man and The Desert Spear) an opportunity to review Lev Grossman's debut novel The Magicians. You can see how Peter stacks up as a reviewer here

If anyone has read this blog for a while you'd be aware that I'm a fan of George RR Martin's epic A Song of Ice and Fire. George keeps a fairly active livejournal, which he rather interestingly refers to as his Not a Blog. George is in Ireland at the moment, if anyone is curious about exactly what a best selling author who is late on the long awaited fifth volume of his masterwork does while on vacation, take a peek at this

It's been a while since the author of The Gentleman Bastards series Scott Lynch stuck his head up, but he updated his livejournal early in October, have a look at what he had to say here

I'd be remiss if I didn't recommend a look at the livejournal of The Princess of the Kingdom of Poison and Flame, also known as author Seanan McGuire, you can jump in anywhere and get a laugh right here

It was fairly quiet week, so that's it for now. Keep an eye out next Friday when more fun and frivolity will be on it's way.

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