Saturday, October 30, 2010

Extrusion Intrusion

This chapter picks up where the last one left off, with George still talking. All those years alone on the moon seem to have made him very fond of the sound of his own voice, because he never stops talking and he doesn't really care if anybody is listening.

He believes that the answer to Cerebus' 4th question concerns the history of Suenteus Po. The one that Cerebus occasionally communicates isn't the first one. The first 2 were father and son and were apparently warlords who created an army of child soldiers that eventually conquered the lands of the Pigts. This will be connected with why they worship an aardvark, but I'm getting ahead of myself there. The curse of the rereader.

While George drones on Cerebus wanders away and the combination of being able to see the world and the fact that the gravity allows him to float impress upon him that this isn't some sort of bizarre dream (well, it could be), and that he REALLY is on the moon!

He rejoins George who has gone on to describe in great detail and length the history of Suenteus Po which seems to end with the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem riding on a donkey. George eventually gets onto what, in his view, Tarim is. Tarim is what came before something and before something there was nothing. Tarim is the Void and the Void is Tarim.

To tell the truth I always got the impression that these chapters really had nothing to do with the continuing story in Cerebus, but were more about Dave trying to sort out issues with faith in his own head. At times Cerebus was all about Dave Sim's religious journey, which seems to have continued post the book.

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