Monday, May 24, 2010

New Cover

I don't very often do this, but when I saw this (courtesy of James at Speculative Horizons I just had to share.

The UK cover for Scott Lynch's long awaited 3rd volume of his Gentleman Bastards series, Republic of Thieves.

It's a departure in style for the series, the covers for The Lies of Locke Lamora and Red Seas Under Red Skies focussed more on the surrounds than individuals. I have to admit that I love this cover. It makes me want the book that much more, it's scheduled for a northern hemisphere Spring 2011 release, which means anywhere from March to May. Most sources believe it will be March.

There's also discussion about the cover over at: Or you can make a comment here if you like.


  1. omghi

    I like this art! No idea as to who is shown on the cover art - pretty sure that neither figure is meant to depict Locke


  2. Thanks for the comment, keh. I'm pretty sure the girl is meant to be Sabetha, the knives just seem to be her from what little we do know about her. Initially I thought the man may have been Locke, but it makes more sense if it were a Bondsmage. Why are you so definite that it isn't Locke? Of course we could both be wrong and this isn't even a scene from the book, just a cool picture to put on the cover.

  3. Interesting that they've focussed on people rather than scenery in this one. The costumes are elaborate, and don't really give much of a clue who they could be.

    I think that it's not Locke on the right, and am going to be a bit silly & say that it may be him on the left with the knives. Why I think that I can't really say, apart from being perverse...

    Will have to re-read the frist two books before this one to refamiliarise myself with everything (not as enamoured of them as SLOC is, so don't remember all the finer details, like main character names... *laugh*)

    Annonymouse on the couch