Saturday, May 29, 2010

An Anchor That's Going Places

A weird title, but very apt for the actual chapter.

It begins with Cerebus being roused out of his possibly prophetic dream. He's still in the cell with Astoria and now Powers has come to check with him. He also informs Cerebus of an imperfection with the sphere and that it has to be recast. He points out that Astoria is unlikely to provide much information with a gag over her mouth.

Grumpily Cerebus removes the gag and Astoria almost immediately launches into a diatribe that their God Tarim is not male, the name is Terim and it's a female, which is why no male will ever ascend and why Terim keeps knocking the tower over.

Cerebus confesses that the only reason he wants to ascend is to prove that he beat Weisshaupt by outliving him.

The conversation degenerates into Cerebus and Astoria screaming 'Tarim' & 'Terim' at each other according to their beliefs.

Dave uses an interesting technique to tell his story in these chapters. The panels are mostly irregular rectangles focussed on whoever has the stage at the time, as the chapter is largely a two hander between Cerebus and Astoria, with a cameo from Powers this is an effective way of drawing it, it also allows for minimal backgrounds and more words than most comics use.

This was the first time I could remember Terim figuring so largely in the story and looks like it may have been the beginning of the anti feminist stance that would prevail for the rest of the book's run.

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