Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Prisoner

That's about the most straightforward title Dave has had since High Society. It refers to Astoria, who has assassinated the Lion of Serrea, and is being held to account for her crime.

Powers tells Cerebus that there is also some evidence of sorcery. Sensing a brewing explosion, or temper tantrum from Cerebus, Boobah quickly exits the room. Julius says that he wants to accompany Cerebus when he questions Astoria, he claims in typical Lord Julius style that it would be an ideal time to restructure his alimony payments, but I think he still has some affection for Astoria, and he's also curious as to why she would do something so directly, it's just not how she works.

Along the way Cerebus encounters some old 'friends'. His coach runs over the Cockroach, who is still trying to recover from the injuries sustained climbing up the mountain and being kicked off the top by Thrunk. They see Prince Mick and his brother Keef still stranded on the road side and drive right past them, much to Mick's chagrin, who still wants the money Cerebus promised him and of course Keef, who is so desperate for drugs that he's snorting up the gravel from the road.

There are a few panels of darkness as Astoria's blindfold and gag is removed in order to allow Cerebus to question her. Cerebus' former campaign manager is chained to the wall and she looks a little the worse for wear. They look at each other and both say: 'So'.

This should be an interesting interrogation.

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