Saturday, April 10, 2010

Audacious Tenacity Tenacious Audacity

Once Powers has told Cerebus exactly what the assassination of the Lion of Serrea means for him personally, the aardvark's megalomania immediately kicks in, and he starts planning conquest. I particularly liked his idea of implementing a draft for all able bodied men over the age of 8, the only exemption being death, and even that would have to be proven.

What snaps Cerebus out of this is the realisation that he's still holding the golden ball in his hands and he has to get that to the top of the tower, he's running out the room when there's a knock on the door.

The bulk of this chapter was Dave parodying Andy Warhol, I felt it was a wasted chapter. It's one of those occasions where Dave dropped the ball, the story made way for one of his self indulgences. I'm sure the Warhol parody seemed like a good idea at the time, but when it didn't turn out to have any legs it was too late to change it and who cared anyway? It would have made someone laugh.

Dave's Warhol is a tall, thin cadaverous, chain smoking artist with a shock of white hair, by the name of Set. He's managed by a foul mouthed, brainless thug who calls himself Bill Mox. He plans to have Set immortalise Cerebus in art. Cerebus paid neither of them any attention until they used the word 'immortalise'. In no particular order Cerebus' interests are: alcohol, sex, money, power and immortality.

Set's quirkiness, and way of working ensure that the painting will never happen, and he and Mox leave hurriedly. The slamming of the door behind them manages to dissolve the gold ball back into a pile of coins, which enrages Cerebus. At this point a furiously perspiring Powers speaks up, saying that Cerebus as the Pope has to pass judgement on the Lion of Serrea's assassin. I don't think he'd mentioned that they caught the assassin before. Julius remarks that it sounds just like his ex-wife, to which Powers whispers: "It is."

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