Sunday, December 20, 2009


This was another 5 pager, it was the beginning of a series of chapters where Dave examined certain key characters. Cerebus and Sophia are the only 2 characters shown and the whole thing is in darkness with only them and their bed illuminated.

Initially I didn't like Sophia much and dreaded seeing her become a regular character again. However she had changed in between the last time and reentering as Cerebus' wife. She was still wearing the chain mail bikini most of the time, but she had developed from the sword swinging Red Sonja parody that she began as. She was now softer and had depth, she was more of a girly girl, displaying a heretofore unseen intelligence. She also seemed to genuinely care for Cerebus. I don't know if it could be described as love. In the book that really only seems to exist in a somewhat warped form between Cerebus and Jaka.

The chapter is a one sided conversation where only Sophia speaks, Cerebus lays in bed and scowls. In her monologue Sophia neatly and amusingly sums up Cerebus' life and her own and their relationship before she kisses the tuft of fur on one ear and turns over to go to sleep. I came away from this one with a totally different picture and view of Sophia.

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