Friday, December 18, 2009

Rough Pope

They were starting to get longer.
This particular chapter, which is a whopping 5 pages long, concentrates solely on the kingmaker; Weisshaupt. This is the first time I can remember seeing the hardline Tarimist Bishop Powers.

The two men have a discussion about who is running the church and by extension the country, it's really a battle of wills and Powers is in way over his head trying to duel politically with Weisshaupt.

Powers is a blunt instrument, whereas Weisshaupt is a poisoned blade.

There is a revelation on the last page of the chapter, after Powers has stormed out of Weisshaupt's office.

The politician leans heavily on his desk and with shaky hands pours himself a stiff drink, his brow is beaded with sweat as he whispers "Tarim." All is not as well with Weisshaupt as he wants everyone to believe. At last fresh intrigue.

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