Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Kidnapping of an Aardvark

It turns out that trying to ditch his security detail wasn't one of Cerebus' brighter ideas. He is confronted by two Onliu desperates; Dirty Fleagle McGrew and his younger brother Dirty Drew McGrew. Judging by their appearance; the brothers sport long hair and impressive drooping moustaches, the manner of speech; they both regularly refer to Cerebus as a varmint, a critter and a long eared galoot, and their apparent lack of intelligence; the brothers are spectacularly stupid, it appears that Dave was a fan of the 40's & 50's Warner Bros cartoons. The McGrew brothers are obviously based on Yosemite Sam. Joss Whedon featured a couple of imbecilic vampire brothers from the Wild West in the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Lyle and Tector Gorch, they bare some similarity to the McGrews. Joss Whedon is a known comic fan, it would not surprise to learn that he was the one who gave Marti Noxon (the writer of the episode) the idea for the Gorch's, and that the idea was inspired by the McGrew brothers.

Fleagle and Drew announce their intention to kidnap Cerebus, and hold him for ransom. Cerebus makes short order of the brothers, tosses their weapons away and takes charge of the kidnapping. The McGrew's have little choice but to go along with their target. Cerebus takes them to a tavern where he has a friendship with the owner, and the three hole up in an upstairs room. Cerebus writes and sends a ransom note demanding a good deal more than the McGrew's had intended.

To pass the time, while Cerebus waits for Lord Julius' administration to arrange the ransom money, the aardvark plays Diamondback with his 'captors', and proceeds to fleece the McGrews of the small share he agreed to cut them in on. Unfortunately Cerebus has underestimated the desperation of the McGrews, and when he attempts to collect the ransom they knock him unconscious with the intention of claiming the money for themselves.

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