Saturday, September 19, 2009


I'm not even sure that this qualifies as a chapter/issue. It's only about 4 pages long. It's a transcript of Lord Julius' meeting with the Mother Abbess of Grace introducing his candidate for the Prime Ministership. This seems to have taken place before Cerebus' meeting with the abbess. Lord Julius and his goat gain a significant advantage when the abbess decides to throw her votes behind the goat rather than Cerebus because of his association with Astoria.

Astoria received a copy of the transcript, exactly why this would have been so is not made clear. Possibly in her capacity as Cerebus' campaign manager or her position as Duchess of Parmoc, maybe because she was Lord Julius ex-wife or maybe because of her standing as a Cirinist.

The whole meeting was very typical of how Lord Julius dealt with the various bureaucrats he was forced to use. In fact it could have been lifted from a Marx Brothers film and the abbess could have played by the marvelous Margaret Dumont.

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