Friday, November 2, 2012

Midnight Alley by Rachel Caine

Not a lot seems to happen in Midnight Alley (the 3rd of Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampires series), but that doesn't mean it's at all boring or doesn't move the story forward.

There is a really cool party at the house of series bad girl Monica Morrell, which gets totally out of hand, and results in one of the book's main characters being stabbed, but for the most part more about Morganville is slowly revealed and the series gets a new villain in the person of Jason, delinquent brother of Eve. This book also introduces a character that will no doubt be a favourite with readers. I know I like him.

This is where Myrnin makes his entrance. Myrnin is an old Welsh vampire, and as well as possessing a great deal of knowledge he's also dangerously unstable. There's a definite connection between he and the series' main character; Claire Danvers. There is a lot of Myrnin's story to be told, and given his origins and age it's hard not to connect him with the character of Merlin from Arthurian legend.

Because of Myrnin's instability and the fact that he can turn on people, even those like Claire who are helping him out, Claire becomes aware that her 'patron'; Amelie, is not as nice as she seems and sees her as a possession, rather than a person.

The books are strangely addictive, and I know that I'll be reading 4 in very short order.


  1. Reading your rant on UF covers reminds me that this series covers don't conform to the YA / romance type either, in that they're mostly head-shots of relatively "normal" looking girls.

    I like glittery acceents on the covers too.

    Anyway, onto the book itself - this one introduces my favourite of all the characters I've met so far in Morganville. I keep thinking he's Merlin, him being Welsh and powerful, and a name that is very close to that.
    Claire at times embodies TSTL, and as I often find, I prefer the secondary characters to the main character/s. Can't wait to read the next one!

  2. The covers are very striking and they attract people to them. Myrnin's a lot of fun, although he can be pretty dark, too. Occasionally Claire is TSTL, but I try to attribute that to her being 16.