Sunday, August 19, 2012

Flashman in the Great Game - Impressions

I have to admit that I'm not all that fond of Flashman in the Great Game. It has some good bits, as do all the books, but it's set in a pretty blood soaked time and it's atrocity piled upon atrocity, that becomes a bit tiresome at times.

I never understood Harry's fascination with the Rani. She's undeniably attractive and often very cultured, but she's far from the first woman Harry has met with those qualities, and he didn't fall for them the way he did Lakshmibai.

Harry also acted in some pretty unFlashmanlike ways at times, which was unusual for George MacDonald Fraser as he was nearly always consistent with Flashman and his venal behaviour.

The book does get points for Ilderim Khan, who I have always loved and his demise rarely fails to move me, as does the end of poor Scud East.

Chapter 13 is an absolute highlight with Harry tallying up his conquests and then having one of his bizarre fever dreams about them.

It was also nice to see Harry get the VC and his much longed for knighthood.

The mention of the book that inspired the series at the end is also a nice touch.

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