Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking Ahead

I've seen a number of other blogs around the place producing their 'Looking forward to 2012' lists over the last month or so. I did give some consideration to doing this here, but have ultimately decided against it.

There are a few reasons for the decision.

1) I know what I'm like, I'll get all excited about the forthcoming releases and wind up having pages of them, and even then I'll forget something.

2) I may not even get around to buying and reading some of the titles I list, and that's really rather pointless, isn't it? I can't have been looking forward to them that much in this case.

3) For reasons beyond anyone's control in some cases, some titles slated for release in 2012 simply won't get released and that makes everyone look stupid.

Having said all that there are definitely some things I'm looking forward to seeing hit the shelves in 2012, that I know I will be buying and reading. However you'll just have to wait for my verdict. I like to keep people on their toes and you never know what you'll get with Travels Through Iest, hell half the time I don't know what I'm going to post! If I get a new release rest assured that I will read it post my thoughts, I did pretty well with new releases in 2011, to the extent that my top 5 is entirely comprised of them.

I do want to get back to my 100 Must Read Fantasy Novel challenge in 2012, though. I let that kind of slip to the wayside for a fair chunk of 2011 largely in an effort to make a dent in the TBR pile. I didn't do badly, and a recent reorg of the library means that I don't actually have a physical TBR pile at the moment, although the books are all still there looking at me accusingly from the shelves.


  1. And even after reorging the library, you've started with something that wasn't even on the pile to start with (I know this cos it was either on the blanket box upstairs or on the kitchen table...)

    So, seeing as these are all 2011 releases, does this automatically mean this is your Hugo Noms list??

    Annonymouse on the couch (can't be bothered with fighting the LJ-sign in thing)

  2. Wasn't the pile in the bedroom another TBR pile? Now they're not piles they're slightly less threatening. Yes, my top 5 is also my Hugo nominations list.

  3. Nope, that was books I've read and hadn't returned to the library... So not a TBR pile but an ARBNR (already read but not returned) pile.

    I'm trying to work out what to read next, I picked up CW Gortner's "The Last Queen" last nioght, but I'm not sure if I want to read it now...\

    Annonymouse on the couch