Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ever seen a dragon dance?

After close to 6 years George R.R Martin has completed the manuscript for A Dance with Dragons. In true George fashion after promising an unambiguous post of ‘It’s Done! announcing the completion, he instead posted a picture of a dead King Kong from the 1976 version of the film with the words ‘twas beauty…’ (see This time fans leapt to the correct conclusion, thus sparing us all from another ‘No, no, no!’ scolding post from the author, and his publisher confirmed that the manuscript had in fact been handed in. I personally thought once the July 12th publishing date had been set that there was little doubt George would complete the manuscript in time for it to make the deadline. Back to Westeros in July, I can barely wait.


  1. And so there's 2 months to negotiate who reads it first, and who gets to stand with crossed arms and tapping foot going "aren't you finished yet?!?"
    I'd better get cracking on the re-read, I'm 2 books behind at the moment

  2. You win the award for "Best Blog Post Title" of all the similar announcements. :) I founded and head the Committee for Pointless Awards.

  3. Thanks, Bryce! Being in Australia I get to these things late, so I have to make up for it somehow!