Thursday, December 2, 2010


As everyone starts to wind down for Christmas there's not so much to blog about, but the internet always has things to bring to people's attention.

A couple of months ago Pat St Denis from Pat's Fantasy Hotlist announced that he was considering the blog's future, he has now made his decision and you can find out what he decided here

I've been a bit late on this, but Patrick Rothfuss has started up his charity initiative Worldbuilders on his blog again You can bid on special editions, signed books, even get your manuscript professionally assessed. check it here It may be too late this year, but think about it for next year.

For those who are interested in HBO's A Game of Thrones adaptation, GRRM has posted a preview on his LiveJournal, here. This is capital A Awesome.

Mark Oshiro isn't just reading anymore, now he's watching as well, see his unique take on Joss Whedon's cult sci-fi western Firefly here

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