Saturday, September 18, 2010

Couple Capable

Having struggled to the top of the tower, it may actually be the bottom, it got kind of turned around when it lifted off, what does Cerebus find waiting for him?

The crazy artist with his Man-Thing/Swamp-Thing male/female parody; Fred/Ethel. He initially tries to knock Cerebus off the tower, which he fails at, but does manage to dislodge the sphere out of Cerebus' hands, and he has a much larger sphere.

He then tries to play mind games with Cerebus. What if Astoria was right? What if Tarim is Terim and female, not male? She's not going to look very kindly on someone who threw a baby off the steps of a cathedral, is she? Because the artist has Fred and Ethel he's covered both bases, male and female, can't fail.

Unfortunately for the unholy trio Cerebus never listens to what seems to be logical advice and he also never gives in. They do eventually capture him and that's when the chapter ends.

Dave really does the Man-Thing and Swamp-Thing characters very well. He draws them very much as the original artists did, but still gives them his own unmistakable style.

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