Monday, August 23, 2010

Mass With Substance

Mass With Substance picks up where Final Ascension left off.

Cerebus clings on as the tower rises upwards away from the city. Eventually he gets his bearings and looks down. He begins to climb up the tower, straining as he makes sure that he hangs onto the golden sphere, which is quite heavy.

There aren't actually any spoken or even thought words in this chapter. It's mostly sight gags and wonderfully drawn Cerebi mugging for all they're worth. Cerebus keeps seeing Weisshaupt and picking up those cards which read simply Good Luck W. It's not made clear whether the statues, kind of like Easter Island heads, although of Weisshaupt are real or just part of Cerebus' fevered imagination. In fact given Cerebus' previous journeys within his own mind it is entirely possible that none of what the readers are seeing is really happening.

The chapter closes with one of the giant Weisshaupt heads falling onto Cerebus greatly abused and already very sore foot.

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