Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Mystic We: The Origin of the Wolveroach Part 3

The Wolveroach dives into the soldiers and like his namesake is virtually unkillable and at the same time a killing machine. Even before the 'enhancements' the Roach seemed to be immortal. He doesn't die, simply changes incarnations, truth be told Dave is a good writer and it's against his, or any decent writers, interests to kill off major characters while they're still of use, especially if they're fan favourites, which the Roach has always been.

Michelle, because of her nature and her connection with 'Uncle Artemis', is distraught and believes that he will be killed. Cerebus on the other hand, has gone up against Artemis on a number of occasions and seen him survive things that no one has a reasonable expectation of walking away from. He attempts to reassure Michelle by telling her that even he would think twice about scrapping with the Bug and his new muscles. This doesn't help. Michelle has taken Cerebus at face value, is unaware of his reputation as a mercenary and doesn't realise that he is a formidable opponent.

While he's arguing the point with her, he hears a voice in his head that directs him to the cellar. He finds the Wolveroach there. He has been possessed by Professor Charles X Claremont. The Professor's body was damaged beyond all repair by the 'apocalypse beasts', but his mind and spiritual form live on, he just has to use hosts, in this case the Wolveroach. When considering the somewhat strained relationship between Wolverine and Professor X this was rather amusing. Wolverine would have gutted Professor X if he ever tried a similar stunt.

Claremont informs Cerebus that he is all knowing and as such knows that Cerebus has fallen for Michelle, but that he will never get her. His only hope is to do as Claremont instructs him. Interestingly Claremont does say that Jaka still loves Cerebus.

Cerebus tries using Claremont's advice and gets a bowl of egg salad dumped on his head, this was largely Claremont playing a joke on the aardvark and using Cerebus' emotional state to make it work.

Cerebus decides to leave. He appears at the door to the room with the window that he and Michelle used to sit by. His sword and book are under one arm, he's definitely moving on. He can see a ghost of himself and Michelle sitting in the window, laughing. Michelle gives him the 1,000 crowns he wanted in a sealed courier's pouch, then she tosses the key at him to save him the trouble of cutting it open. Cerebus walks out and slams the door behind him. Michelle's face is shown in silhouette as he walks out of her life.

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