Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why Cerebus?

In fact the question could be why do this at all, and I suspect as I do this I'll probably ask myself that question more than once.
As my wife and I were unpacking and moving into our new house and setting up our library I opened a box that had all my Cerebus 'phone books' (every issue of the comic...sorry graphic novel was republished in a large book format, they appear to be printed on the same stuff they print phone books out of and are about as thick, so the fans christened them 'phone books') in it, and I remembered that once upon a time I was going to reread the whole thing from go to whoa. I never actually finished the story as such. I think Dave (Cerebus creator Dave Sim) was writing out his obsession with F Scott Fitzgerald when I gave up the book and comics in general. I was pleased to see that he eventually did get to issue #300 and I intended to get all the 'phone books' and read it, but just never got around to it. Anyway, I pulled out the old Swords of Cerebus collections (if anyone out there is reading this and knows if they're worth something let me know. I'm not going to sell them, but it would be cool to know if they appreciated since I bought them) and started reading them. I was partway through High Society when the idea of doing this came to me.

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